Customised Training Products & Curriculum

We have developed and customised game-based learning curriculum and tools for clients to accelerated learning of accounting and finance concepts within hours of game-play.


We are able to customise the game-based learning curriculum & learning tools to meet your specific learning objectives and outcome, with grants from *SPRING Singapore.

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OJT Blueprints Customisation

We have developed and customised the following On-Job-Training Blueprints for our auditing firm clients.

  1. Audit Planning
  2. Audit of Taxation
  3. Audit of Revenue
  4. Audit of Purchases
  5. Audit of Inventories
  6. Audit of Investments
  7. Audit of Cash and Bank
  8. Audit of Accounts Payables
  9. Audit of Accounts Receivables
  10. Audit of Plant, Property & Equipment

We are able to customise the audit-related OJT blueprints to align with your internal AWP indexing and processes, with grants from *WDA or *SPRING Singapore.

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Learning & Development Consultancy

Our consultancy includes:

  • conducting competency-based training needs analysis;

  • developing structured training plan that includes OJT training;

  • defining measures to evaluate learning effectiveness;

  • providing cloud-hosted IT solutions to efficiently manage training process, assess knowledge improvement, assess and evaluate competency and performance improvement

  • providing one-day OJT coaching workshop to train supervisors and managers on essential coaching skills in order to ensure employees benefit from positive coaching, learning and development experiences.

 Structured training plan and OJT blueprints are required in the Enterprise Training Support Scheme, SkillsFuture Earn and Learn and SkillsFuture Mentors Programmes.

There are grants from *WDA and *SPRING Singapore for the above consultancy.

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Human Capital Management Consultancy

Our consultancy to develop and implement a structured human capital development process and system includes:

  • aligning manpower requirement and competencies with clients’ strategic goals and expected results;
  • defining performance standard for respective job role;
  • developing recruitment and selection framework including interview questionnaires;
  • developing a compensation and benefit framework;
  • developing a performance management framework with appraisal templates
  • implementing web-based appraisals systems with auto analysis of performance gaps;
  • implementing a staff rewards and incentive programme
  • defining a career progression pathway.
  • developing staff handbook

There are grants from *WDA and *SPRING Singapore for the above consultancy.

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Grant Application Services*

We have successfully applied various grants from the Workforce Development Agency [WDA] and SPRING Singapore to fund our clients’ consultancy projects listed above.

Your company’s ability to secure the respective grant is dependent on whether you are able to meet the qualifying criteria, terms and conditions of the respective grants.

Do contact us for a no obligation discussion.

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MBTI Personality Profiling and Coaching

We are certified administrator of the MBTI instrument.

We have successfully administered MBTI assessment, conducted MBTI related soft skills workshops and provided one-on-one coaching for our MNC corporate clients’ high potential management trainees to help them discover their personal strength, weaknesses and preferences.

Do contact us to find out more.

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  • Watch the video to understand the benefits achievable from our Results Management Consultancy with bundled web application
  • Our clients have successfully achieved between 20% to 40% productivity improvement
  • Our suite of solutions is eligible for SPRING Singapore’s Capability Development Grant
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