Why Game-Based Learning?
  • We create learning tools to help learners visualize concept and apply knowledge.

  • Our programmes have positive attitudinal impact on learners.

  • We create a fun and conducive environment to accelerate learning and retention.

  • Our methodology appeals to auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learning styles.

  • We can customise our learning tools to simulate the work processes, helping learners to relate lessons to their work application.

  • We can customise the learning objectives to meet the performance criteria of respective job function and role.

  • Our panel of facilitators are experts in the subject matter, possessing at least a decade of related work experience.

Game-based Learning Participants' Testimonies

Accounting for Non-Accountant Game-based Learning Programme

“The board game helps me understand the types of accounts and its movement of entries in a higher level. I learnt the importance of correct attitude required for the daily job in order to avoid any errors which cause the company’s loss in monetary and reputation, which will indirectly affect employee. I will be more vigilant in daily entries and will share / advise my colleagues.”  A. Lim BS, Payment and E-Banking Ops,

“I like the board game – it has helped to better understand the double entry. I have better understanding of basic accounting and the potential risks when incorrect entries are made due to carelessness.”  HL Tan, Card Ops

“The board game allows better understanding of movement in GL and how we reconcile and balance between GL to GL. I have better understanding on GL belonging to Income Statement or Balance Sheet. I learnt the importance to ensuring all outages are promptly rectified and investigated.”  LH Low, Loan Ops – Loan Admin

“I like the ledger accounting and financial statement preparation. I got more understanding on Balance Sheet, Income Statement. The board game gives you the idea how operations are being performed in the bank. How funds movement takes place and what are the various accounts being affected.”  R.P., Tech Solutions – Enterprise Info Svs

“The Board game helps to give an overall picture. I am able to see the flow of funds clearer. The risk and control topic let us understand the importance and seriousness of outage and the impact to the bank, colleagues and customers.” S H Wong, Payment Ops – Remittances

“I like the board game as it was fun and easy to play. I learn to be careful in my job as it has downstream effect.” LM Lim, Loan Ops

“I like the board game as it is interesting and enjoyable. I learnt how double entry is done and understand the flow of company assets.”  Noor J.Z., Payment Ops – Remittance

“Overall, the course is very enriching and useful. I learn to apply the concepts learnt in the checking function to detect any irregularities.”  W.Hew, Accounts Controls & Recons Svs

“I like the board game and double entry and accounting part. I learnt that full training of job is very important and the best understanding is a necessity.”  SK Ku, Payment Ops – Remittance

“I like the board game on double entry as it helps me understand more. I learnt basic accounting knowledge. The course made me understand how I can impact the bank if an error was ignored.” Nurul, Investment Ops – Deposits

“The board game was effective, which was very visual and helped in understanding debit and credit; Income Statement and Balance Sheet more effectively.”  A Thilaga, Loans Ops

“I like the board game. I do have a clear picture of the accounting procedures and knowledge after attending the course and intending to pursue this inter through more reading in future.”  Y.P. Albert, Loan Ops

“I like the board game. It generated interest and a visual representation of accounting concept. I will be more diligent in my work and understand how to see myself fit in a bigger picture.” Marvin A Asis, Tech Solution – Core Banking & Collection

“I appreciate that worksheets are given instead of having us draw the tables. Introduction of board game is good. I learn the importance for staff to practice due diligence and will definitely be more careful in my work.”  Lynn Y.L.L, Treasury Ops – Processing Unit

‘The board game helps me visualize how accounting transactions are being posted. It is interesting and useful for those without accounting background to understand more.” J. Ng, Loan Ops

“I like the board game and know how to pass the correct entries”  Tan LG, Payment Ops

“The board game simplifies concepts”  C. R James, Card Ops

“The game and activities help me understand and read the financial statement. I have better understanding of the accounting terms use in my work relating to General Ledger.’ Anita G Uy, Tech Solutions – Enterprise Info Svs

“I like the experiential learning approach of the course.” C Ho WS, Investment Ops – Compliance & Quality

“The board game was excellent and I learnt basic accounting concept which is useful for my daily support for Oracle GL. I wish for more practical examples to be included” Lad S C, Tech Solutions – Enterprise Info Svs

“The board game is able to clearly demonstrate how accounting and transactions are record, which is very interesting.”  XE Low, Card Ops

“I like the worksheet for practicing on the Balance Sheet and Income Statement. The board game activities help me learn and understand the concept of Basic Accounting and Reconciliation better. I have also learned how to read financial statements and understand the importance of basic accounting.”  SY Lui, Treasury Ops – Processing Unit

“The board game is extremely good and it help one to visualize and relate how accounting entries are generated.” CL Yong, Tech Solutions – Core Banking & Collection

 “The board game is a very good illustration tool for accounting transactions. I learn to be accountable, responsible and more effective in daily operations.”  P Chen, Recons & Control Svs (O&T)

“I liked all aspect of the programme, especially the board game. I understand that omission of certain entry impacts the financial statement of the bank.”  Chong CP, Treasury Ops – Processing Unit

“I liked the board game and gained more understanding about Assets, Liability, Expenses and Income.”  Chua LY, Loan Ops – SBL

“The use of chart, group discussion and board game was useful to give better understanding.”  D. Ann, Loans Ops

“The board game was very helpful in understanding how actually accounting is done, especially the different elements of Balance Sheet and P&L Statements.”  D. H, Management Associates

“The board game made it easy to understand every transaction posting.” Goh L.G., Payment Ops – Clearing

“The game is interesting and facilitates learning. The discussion was useful especially the sharing from other operations.” Ho H.L., Accounts Control & Recons Svs

“I liked the board game and discussion on risk topic.” Josephine K, Loan Ops

“The board game was very helpful as it was able to demonstrate basic flow in accounting. It can be effectively visualized through a game. The programme is effectively delivered / taught at good speed and pace. I am more aware of the risk and impact that each of our task, has which is giving domino effect to other department.”  L Amancio, Treasury Ops – Processing Units

“I liked the game created for understanding accounting. Accounting basics, principles and reconciliation – I will apply this knowledge in supporting oracle GL System and executing projects in Oracle GL.”  Patil P, Tech Solutions – Enterprise Information Services

“I liked the activity used in the course to facilitate learning. It made the learning of concept better and more interesting. I have learn the terms used in the processing of transactions and also familiarize myself with the process involved. This skill would allow me to understand and evaluate operation process better.”  Tan S R, Risk & Prevention

“I like the experiential learning method as it help us to grasp the accounting concepts better. The risk and control activity allows us to think through the existing process and the controls to put in place to address the risk identified. The nature of my work does not require performing accounting entries. Nevertheless, it helps me to better understand the bank’s financial statement and how my role can indirectly affect the result in the financial statement.” WB Pung, PHL Documentation

“The board game is very useful (clear & direct). The discussion and linkage to risk and control give me clearer understanding and I have clearer view on the reconciliations.”  SL Neo, Payment Ops – Remittances

“The board game concludes the overall basic accounting concept and hence very useful and creative.” Fenny Tirtasari Suharjo, Tech Projects / Enhancement

“The board game is useful for better understanding of credit and debti.”  YP Wee, Treasury Ops / SDM

“The board game is useful in making lesion interesting and effective.” SJ Tan, SLNC

 “The board game is very useful and innovative training tool to help in the understanding of a perceived boring subject of accounting. It is commendable that the trainer has put in much efforts in coming up with banking example given the considerations that this is customised to O & T detailed environment. The class activity on the loan processes (initiation, review, redemption) provided an opportunity of a real-life example of cross-team, end-to-end life cycle of loan processing in the operations of a bank. Emphasis on “Attitude” was reminded throughout the course.” Doreen H.C.M, Grop Operations Office

“I learnt that there is risk involve if you don’t work conscientiously enough to understand implications, not only to your unit, but the whole bank as well.”  C. M Goyal , Treasury Ops/SDM

“I learnt that each of us has an important role to play and sure that work is executed correctly and report errors even how small as it may snow ball to a bigger problem.”  F. Oon, SBL Documentation

“I learnt the importance of clearing outages immediately.”  C H Seah, Payment Ops – Clearing

“I learnt about risk and control in my daily work and how risk can be preventive.”  Juleyanti, Corporate Loans & Shares

“I have increased awareness of inherent risk and able to relate them to the type of controls to plug any gaps.” J. Leong, PHL Documentation

“The classroom activity of identifying Operation risk and controls gave a good insight and understanding. The board game was helpful in helping the class understand the nature of different accounts and its users and uses.” J. Ng, Treasury Ops / Proj & Reporting

“The risk and control activity helps my understanding of the risk and control in each phase of processing data.” C. Cruz, Treasury Ops/ SDM

“The board game allows hands on and application of knowledge learned. I will be more alert in processing of loans and will look out for area of weakness and to propose better controls or process in prevention.”  CC Teo, HDB Documentation

“The board game is refreshing and is good in aiding clarity to the workshop. The risk control topic provides opportunity to understand better.” G.Chan AK, SLNC

 “The board game is very interesting and interactive. I learnt a lot from the game alone.” Mervyn HL Beh, Investment Ops – Deposit

“The board game helps us understand the concept better. The course helps me understand reconciliation.” Brindha S , TS – Enterprise Info Svs

“The board game was effective as it makes the learning more interesting and not boring. Overall the trainer has made the course contents very interesting.” YK Chian,  PHL Documentation

“The board game which is very interesting as it really shows us the movement of the transaction. I learnt the different types of error and its possible causes, which is able to assist me on reconciliation of my reporting.” E. Chiang, Account Svs

“The accounting board game depicts financial accounting transactions easily for comprehension and generates interest. I learn to be conscientious in job, processing is everyone’s responsibility. This is especially important in operations department.” R. Chua, Technology Architecture

“The board game is a useful tool to grasp the principles better. I learnt the basic debit and credit principles which are applicable to understand how posting of transaction is done.” F.M. Durante, TS-Channels, CRM

“The board game – the visual placement of different types of assets, liabilities, expenses & income aids in memorizing. The hands on session aids in understanding the basic accounting concepts.’ N. Ling, Account Svs

“Overall, the topics were interesting. I learn to be more aware and careful when performing my job as a mistake may snow ball into a big and messy error.’ A. Oh, Payment Ops – Clearing

 “I like the game as it stimulates my sensing skills and make me more alert in the learning.” R. Asiz, Payment Ops-Clearing

“I like the board game as it makes a dry programme much more interesting. I learned the importance of audit trail, to keep track of things that we do during our daily activities, make remarks on my last checked things to do so that handover will be more smooth” – Linda R, MIS Adm Support

“The board game helps us have better understanding of how the accounting entries are being recorded. If possible add in more games. I have better understanding of how the company present their financial statements” – Y J Vod, PHL Documentation

“The board game helps me relate the concept & theory” – S F Wong,  TS – Ent Info Svs

“The activities and board games made the boring subject more fun” – A. L. Abuel, TS-Ent Info Svs

“I enjoyed the use of the game to explain the principles behind the double entries used in accounting, with classification of the transaction under their respective categories (assets, liabilities, income, expenses). I learned the importance of proper audit trail and importance of prompt attention to outages. This will ensure timely address of potential errors that have occurred or suspicions of adhere behaviour” – J L Tan, PHL Documentation

Finance for Non-Finance Game-based Learning Programme

“Recommend to supervisory staff so as to understand methods on how to improve department’s profit & work efficiency.” G.C Wong, Oct 07, EM – EBO, Singapore

“This course is good for those without prior accounting background.” BH Lim, Treasury Ops VC

“Board game provides visual impact on the posting of each entry.” S K Lam, Treasury Ops  Manager

“The board game and the logical explanation are helpful to my understanding. The training approach of playing a simple game before going into theories is a breakthrough. It is easier way to grasp the concepts.” M Y Wong, Business Svs

“The simulation games was useful in helping understanding how activities translate to the P/L and B/S. Good course for staff as most do not know accounting and this will also help them understand the GLs they pass” – H. F Chuan, VP of Trade Finance Ops – Trade Projects

“I like the exercise that we did, simulating an entity and showing its movement. I’ve learned about accounting entries especially Debits & Credits. I think somehow it will help me on looking at the GL relating to the different ATM txns.” – Alexander S. C, Tech Solution – Cards

“Board game was interesting as it helped with learning about accounts principles and improving clarity” – Y Tan

“Liked the work map and learn to be more vigilant in posting entries” – S. Ismail, Payment Ops – Remittance

“I like the preparation of the income statement and balance sheet as it made me know how the bank consolidate its revenue from; I understand the impact on errors made due to negligence and the consequences that may arises from it. I would need to follow the guidelines and implement it in my daily work.” – Christopher J. P., Clearing Ops

“I learned the importance of putting in a little more effort to avoid error in input” – G. Kaur, Payment Ops – Clearing

“I like the accounting entry part of the game. New skill I learnt is good for investigation work, as I know the accounting double entry” – M H Chai, Reconciliation

“I like the game and have better understanding on the accounting principles & application in my course of work. – L. Lee, Inv Ops” – CPF & SRS

“Board game and group discussions help me to understand the subject matter; I have better knowledge of Assets, liabilities, expenses and income statement.    With better understanding of debit and credit entries, I hope to be able to identify the outages easier” – S. N. Tan, Treasury Ops – Processing Unit

“The use of board game makes the course lively. I learnt that positive working attitude & a sense of responsibility of an individual is important in minimizing work errors/defect” – S P Ho , PHL LO Tea

“The board game activity is very engaging and easy to follow; I learned that it’s important to create awareness within the dept of the importance of on time reconciliation” – P L Lai, Biz Svs

“A better understanding of the financial report. The importance of GL Entries” – Mark C., Card Ops

“Good for those w/o prior accounting background” – B.H. Lim, VP – Treasury Ops

“Board game learning was useful as I can relate to it during the theory session” – K. L. Kian,

“Very innovative way of being trained to understand a complex subject matter” – P. C. Kong, Tech Solution – EIS, AVP

“The course provides a better and in-depth accounting knowledge to new learner” – Derick Cheng, Manager, Reconciliation, Group Ops & Tech.

“Understanding the flow from income statement to balance sheet, the recognition of elements of financial statements and ledger account and double entry system” – A.C. Lim, Ops – Inward Clearing

“Learnt how to determine debit & credit and read a financial statement; I know how to look into the accounting entries of the banks GL. It will be an on going application for me as I am involved in the processing of staff claims which relates to accounting entries” – Jonathan M., Branch Ops

“I find the board game to be creative and useful; I have a better picture of accounting entries and reconciliation” – R. Mogan, COO Office

“Liked all topics of the programme. The board game is effective in my undertaking of the general entries of accounting, it is user friendly, challenging!” – K. C. Hing, Reconciliation

“Exposed myself to basic accounting principles. Though not applicable to my job, but this training provides me with a good exposure of recon role and basic concept of accounting. Trainer is very good in explaining the concept” – B K Koh, Risk & Prevention

“Flow from l/s to b/s, the board game provide clearer picture” –  N A Hassan, Reconciliations

“I like the visual board game that helps to understand better and learnt very basic accounting knowledge – Y X Zhang, Technology Solutions” – Cards,

“I like the double entries part of the game and learned how to do balance sheet, PL statement & cash flow” – X Y Niu, Accounts – Control & Recon

“The board game itself is a very creative tools used in the course” – A. Leng, Payment Operations – Clearing

“The Board game was very interesting and can see the whole picture of double entry. I learn Debit & Credit and know how to post the correct set of entries” – C Y Ng, Treasury Ops

“The board game-made concepts easier to understand.” -Kang W.K., Fin & Biz Svs

“Board Game is interesting & easy to understand and I learn how to interpretation of Financial Statement, ie Balance Sheet, Income Statement” – L C Tan, Investment Ops – Deposit

“I like the preparation of Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash flow statement and learned the concept of DR/CR and how it relates to Income, expenses, assets & liabilities” – C P Leong, Recon

“The board game makes understanding much easier” – S C Chen, Treasury Ops – Non Processing Units

“I like the simulation of entries in a board game as it facilitates understanding of double entry” – C M Tan, Treasury Op – Processing Unit

Material used for the 1st activity is entertaining at the same time learnt new concepts in GL entries reconciliation.  I have better understanding on the different entries posted – J Barrera, Technology Solutions – Investment